Wonder-full Gardeners

“Seeds of dreams grow leaves of magic and wonder. Dreamers, then, are wonder-full gardeners.” Dickson Lane

“Make the work interesting and the discipline will take care of itself.” E.B. White

Lovely to think of ourselves as gardeners who are full of wonder, isn’t it? Especially now, when at least here, we are still enjoying summer flowers and fruits.

And also wonderful to remember that if our work is absorbing and engaging for us, then the discipline we need — the perseverance and drive—will flow from it naturally and with ease. We often think it’s the other way around, don’t we? That if we discipline ourselves, then the work will come.

I’m reminded of a story about two men who decide to trick a wise wizard who travels from town to town in a kingdom and offers people his sage advice. One of the men tells the other that he has the perfect plan to foil the wizard. He’ll hold a butterfly in one hand and ask the wizard whether it’s alive or dead. If he says it’s alive, then the man will crush it and prove the wizard wrong. If he says it’s dead, then the man will let it fly free. Either way, the wizard will be discredited.

The day of the trick comes. The wizard comes to the town and the man brings his captive butterfly and visits him. He asks, “Is the butterfly I’m holding alive or not?” Without skipping a beat, the wise man says, “The answer is in your hands.”

The same is true for us. Can we plant seeds of dreams that “grow leaves of magic and wonder”? The answer lies in our hands. Let’s be wonder-full gardeners and add to the magic in the world. Write on!

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