Good News

A postal clerk in Indianapolis made a discovery about her customers and coworkers—and herself—that offers hope and inspiration.

A newspaper editorial asserted that her branch of the post office had “the rudest clerks in town.” This upset her.

“I was rude to people because they were3 rude to me,” she said. “What goes around comes around.” Then she wondered what would happen if she began treating others with more kindness and courtesy. Would that come around?

She decided to experiment. She began to smile and ask how her customers were doing. She made an effort to learn their names. Even a man known for being short-tempered eventually became a favorite customers. All the clerks around her began to take their cues from her. Everybody reaped a wonderful reward: cheerfulness.

It all began with one women who decided that “what goes around comes around” can be good news.

Wonderful little story, isn’t it? It reminds us that attitude matters everywhere and all the time. When we change, everything around us changes, too. When we bring a cheerful, can-do mindset to our field of play, the page, good things can happen. That’s good news!

It also reminds us that one person can make a difference. As writers, we can make a difference in the lives of our readers. Let’s take this to heart as we all write on!

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  1. Robin L Hoffman says:

    Thanks for this Karin! Really needed to hear this today. And it’s SO very true. Write on!

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