Seeking Success

Put your heart, mind, spirit, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” Swami Sivananda

There is no shortage of definitions of success, but to my mind, this one has staying power. When we put every ounce of ourselves into every aspect of our work, we are giving ourselves the best possible chance to accomplish whatever goal we’ve set for ourselves.

After all, sentences are built of words and paragraphs are built of sentences. They are the smallest units of creativity we have at our command as writers. Our smallest act may be choosing just the right word and putting it in just the right place.

When we bring our heart to our work, we forge a bond with our readers, We reach them because we are speaking to them in the language of emotion. We are connecting with them at a level that goes beyond words.

When we bring our mind’s full focus and intensity to even the smallest act of creating, we are gaining access to all our experience, all our memories, all our thoughts and ideas. What a rich storehouse!

When we infuse spirit into our creative endeavors, we lift them beyond the everyday claims and distractions of life. We tap into something deeper and truer. We offer readers something beyond plot and character. We share something rare and special.

When we put not just heart, but also soul, into what we write, we tap into something bigger than ourselves. Something enduring. Something that can give our work a timeless quality that springs beyond the page.

Heart, mind, spirit, and soul — what a powerful blend of qualities to bring to our writing! Pouring them into even the simplest expression of our craft isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth aspiring to as we all write on.

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