Choosing Trust

Nothing bold or magnificent is built through fear.” Paul Sabine

Bold. Magnificent. Big words, aren’t they? They represent high aspirations. But why not? Why not choose the bold and the magnificent as the stars we aim for?

But first, it seems, we need to deal with our fear. If nothing bold or magnificent comes from it, then we need to jettison it or our aim will be flawed. But fear is a tricky business, isn’t it? It’s a many-headed Hydra.

We fear that we may not be good enough to do create the work we want to create—that we don’t have the craft or the time or the drive.

We fear that it’s too late, that we’ve squandered too much time and the muse is passing us by for greener pastures.

We fear that we don’t all the people who are rejecting our work—the gatekeepers and naysayers—may secretly be right.

OK, it’s true. Fear is tricky. It pops up when we least desire it and it wears many guises. So how do we deal with it? If we resist it, fear just seems to blossom into a kind of deadly flower, doesn’t it?

So instead of resisting our fears whatever they happen to be on a Monday or a Tuesday, let’s choose trust instead.

Let’s trust that we’re working hard and that we’re making progress improving our craft. Let’s trust that we’ll find the courage we need from moment to moment to tackle the page, whatever its challenges. Let’s trust our process, whatever it is—the system we use to get started and keep going. And above all, let’s trust the universe. Let’s trust that when we show up, the must does, too. And she’s singing and dancing as we all write on!

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