“Young Enough”

During a rehearsal of one of his plays, the Sir James Barrie, creator of the timeless Peter Pan, became increasingly annoyed with the producer’s young son. He happened to be attending the rehearsal and convinced that he knew it all.

Repeatedly, the cheeky young child interrupted the ongoing rehearsal to criticize one of the principals. The atmosphere became tense. After several such outbursts of the boy’s know-it-all attitude, Barrie turned to him and said,

“My boy, you will have to be more patient with us. After all, we are not young enough to know everything.”

Love this story! Not just for our boy Barrie’s cheeky reply to the cheeky boy who was bedeviling him, but because of the kernel of truth it holds.

Oh, that we were “young enough to know everything!” Only consider how we might go about our work if we had the cheeky attitude of a child:

We’d start our day brimming with youthful energy and enthusiasm.

We’d focus all our awesome powers on playing and having fun.

We’d have all the confidence in the world that we could do what we wanted to do.

We wouldn’t really listen when anyone told us we couldn’t do it.

We’d come to the page full of pep and brio, ready to have a great writing session.

When we hit a roadblock, we’d assume we knew the answer and just keep barreling on.

We’d be full of fresh ideas and think they were all fantastic!

Now that’s what I call writing dangerously! Let’s bring those fresh eyes and ideas and the playfulness of a child to our work today. Write on!

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2 Responses to “Young Enough”

  1. Jacqueline D Stearns says:

    Hi Karin! A late friend of ours said, “When I was young I knew all the answers. Now that I ‘m old I realize I don’t even know what the questions are!”

  2. HI Jackie,

    I love this— a wise friend indeed! Wonderful, isn’t it, that we can grow and change.
    And as we do, we see more and more that the world is full of mystery and questions.
    Let’s stay curious, always, and keep asking what it’s all about!

    Write on,

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