“All Daring”

“All serious daring starts from within.” Eudora Welty

“When you think at that moment that it is possible, then the magic starts.” Unknown

“Boldness be my friend!” William Shakespeare

There is something about taking bold strikes into the unknown that both frightens and attracts us, isn’t there? We come up with an idea, a glimmer of something that’s radically different. It’s new, exciting, and scary. We don’t know how we’ll get there, and yet, it intrigues us.

It may be the seed of a story. Or a new character who could energize our novel, but who sounds unruly. Or it could be that we yearn to jump genres, to step out of our accustom and path of writing and really flex our muscles: write poetry instead of prose. Or venture into sci fi after we’ve written a memoir.

And yet…something stops us. Just as all “serious daring starts from within,” so all serious non-daring—all objections to taking a leap into the unknown—also start from within. We hear that little voice inside us saying, “Don’t do it!It’s too risky. You’ll be wasting your time. You don’t know enough about it to succeed.”

And so, often we let that daring glimmer fade. But what if we made a different choice? What if we ignored that negative, belittling voice and pushed forward with our idea? What if we took just one small step to nurture it, and then another, and another.

What if we made boldness our friend? And decided that writing dangerously is sometimes about writing about something new and different? What if we just ignored those pesky little non-darters?

Whatever that bold move is, let’s remember, there’s magic in it! So, let’s welcome those moments of “serious daring,” and all write on!

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