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Serendipity strikes! I had the good fortune to happen upon an absolutely wonderful series on the Discovery Channel called “The Repair Shop” set in rural England. It’s the sweet, quiet ongoing tale of a small band of friendly, dedicated artisans who spend their days repairing the precious mementos brought to them by people who are hoping that gifted hands will restore their treasures and family heirlooms. They do their work with devotion.

The series is set in a lovely, airy barn filled with the artisans’ tables and tools, as well as beloved objects in need of expert care. The setting is gorgeous: green fields, rolling hills, horses grazing. People arrive in this peaceful place clutching broken things: the ragged teddy bear of a beloved recently passed husband, the wooden boats and toy horses of fathers who once cherished them, the cracked teapot of a woman with a courageous past.

Watching the gifted artisans in “The Repair Shop” go about their work was so inspiring! Their skill and devotion made me think of writing:

They do their work with love and care: You can feel the tenderness with which they accept the beloved but tattered or broken objects people bring them. They feel their restoration work is a sacred trust. They bring patience and perseverance to each day’s challenges.

They work quietly and intently: There’s little drama in the actual work of their hands. These craftsmen and women approach each restoration project with humility and deep concentration.

They approach problems creatively: When a vintage mechanical bank or a battered teddy bear presents problems, the artisans don’t seem to get hot and bothered. They get creative and start sketching out solutions. They search quietly and confidently for the right plan.

They take pride in their craft: Whatever task they tackle, these skilled artisans trust their gifted hands, heads, and hearts. Pride in their work and the desire to serve lift their skills to the highest level.

Doing our work with love. Working with deep concentration. Approaching problems creatively. Taking pride in our skills. As writers, these, too, are touchstones we can rely on to see us through. Write on!

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