”Fourth Wind”

“If an unusual necessity forces us onward, a surprising thing occurs. The fatigue gets worse up to a certain point, then gradually, or suddenly, it passes away and we are fresher than before! We have evidently tapped a new level of energy. There may be layer after layer of this experience, a third and a fourth wind.

“We find amounts of ease and power that we never dreamed ourselves to own, sources of strength habitually not taxed, because habitually we never push through the obstruction of fatigue.” William James

Wow, I’ve heard of a second wind, but never a third or fourth wind. But since William James is considered the father of American psychology, I’m willing to give this a go.

How about you? Chances are, you’re going to hit a wall sometime soon. I’ve hit one right now, today. I can feel that I’m flagging a bit, even after a good night’s sleep. I’ve been firing some brain cells recently working on a project and I’m feeling a bit tapped out.

But I’m going to take William at his word. I’m going to go forward with velocity and see what happens—I’m going to see what’s on the other side of the fatigue I’m feeling. If I can catch a second wind today during my writing time, I’ll be happy. But maybe, there’s a third or a fourth wind just waiting to be caught—wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Just imagine, if we caught a second wind—an unexpected burst of energy, and then caught a third or a fourth wind! Just think how high we’d be flying! What marvelous ideas might be within our grasp.

So often, we sell ourselves short. We retreat when we hit a bit of rough weather on the writing front. It’s encouraging to think that there may be sunshine on the other side of our decision to keep going. Write on!

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