Vocation Vacation

The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” Mark Twain

Love this—think it’s my new favorite quote! How wonderful to think that as creatives who’ve chosen to corral and convey wayward words, we’re actually going on vacation every time we sit down to write. What a transformative thought!

Most of us probably haven’t been on a vacation for a while, but let’s hope that sometime soon we’ll be traveling again. And let’s cast our minds back and remember all the joys a vacation offers:

Vacations give us a break from everyday life—When we’re off traveling somewhere, we hit the pause button on our day-to-day lives. We have the chance to get some distance and gain insights into how we live.

Vacations give us “new eyes”—When we’re away from our everyday cares and routines, we can see the world around us with fresh eyes. We can begin to appreciate its wonders—its mystery and majesty.

Vacations nourish our creativity—Being in new places, meeting new people, having new experiences, and seeing new sights—what a wealth of creative fuel a vacation offers us. We all need to fill our creative wells to keep our writing perking along, and vacations really fill the bill, don’t they?

Vacations fuel our fantasies—How much fun it is to travel and think about actually living someplace new. Just as we can plunge ourselves into other worlds and “escape” into our writing, so we can “escape” for a while into our imagination while on a trip.

Vacations cast a glow over our own worlds—Once, when my son Alex was little, and we came back home from a trip, he looked around and said, “Everything looks the same, but new!” How right he was! Somehow, just getting away allows us to see, not just the places we travel to, but our own little worlds, with fresh eyes. What a gift!

Well, right now, we may not be traveling to Italy or even to Illinois, but for us writers, that’s no problem! When we think of our vocation as a vacation, we can come back from a good day’s work refreshed and enlivened. Write on!

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