Getting Stronger

“Most all good things come through adversity. There’s a poem that says:

“Looking back it seems to me

“All the grief that had to be

“Left me when the pain was o’er

“Stronger than I was before.

“I believe that. We get stronger when we test ourselves. Adversity can make us better. We must be challenges to improve, and adversity is the challenger.” John Wooden, legendary basketball coach

“Adversity is the challenger”—what a great way to reframe whatever difficulties and obstacles crop up on our writing road! When we think of adversity as a challenge—it adds a whole new flavor to it, doesn’t it?

“A call to prove something,” or a “demanding task or situation”—that’s how my Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “challenge.”

When we’re called on to “prove something” or deal with a “demanding task”—we’re being asked to do more than we usually do, maybe even more than we expect of ourselves. We’re being asked or even compelled to leave our comfort zone, to stretch ourselves.

And when we push and stretch ourselves—that’s when we grow. When we leave our comfort zones, that’s when magic happens. If we just plodded along unchallenged, we’d never change, would we? We’d never improve our craft. We’d never chase after that wisp of an idea that might turn into something wonderful.

So when adversity comes our way—and it will!—let’s think of it as friend rather than foe. Let’s think of it as a call to action, a chance to prove ourselves, to grow and change—and then, let’s all write on!

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