“I’m Possible”

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.’” Audrey Hepburn

Never let the word ‘impossible‘ stop you from pursuing what your heart and spirit urge you to do. Impossible things come true every day.” Robert K. Cooper, speaker and writer

What’s your “impossible dream” right now? What amazing thing would you like to accomplish in your writing? What would lift your heart with joy and make you feel truly fulfilled on your writing journey? What would make you feel “I’m in the right place at the right time doing the right thing?”

We all have these secret dreams we harbor. Those we often don’t share with anyone else—even those we love— because they seem too outlandish, too unreachable, too impossible.

And yet…”Impossible things come true every day.” And in our heart of hearts, we know that this is true. Somewhere out there, someone is making something seemingly impossible come to pass.

So, why not you? Why not me?

Why not write down your impossible accomplishment on a small index card and carry it with you? Why not take it out and look at it a few times every day as my good friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert* suggests? Why not write down those two or three goals that you’d really want to achieve—even though they seem too big—on a card and carry it with you, so you can look at it and begin to absorb the words, take them in and begin to feel them.

This can be between you and the paper. No one needs to know. But discipline and action are required. Every day, if you can do one small thing, take one small action that will move you toward your impossible goal, then gradually, I believe, the goal will move toward you. You create a bridge between yourself and where you want to be.

“Impossible” = “I’m possible”—what a simple, brilliant formula! Let’s apply it as we all write on!

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*Check out Dr. Gilbert’s “Success Hotline” podcast for more motivation!

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