Houdini Helps

An inspiring tale from Life Changers by Robert H. Schiller:

“It is fascinating to read the stories, many of them legendary, about the late Houdini. That masterful magician was probably a better locksmith than he was a magician. He had a standing challenge that he could get out of any locked jail in 60 minutes, providing they would let him enter in his regular street clothes and not watch him work.

“One of the stories is about a little town in the British Isles that decided to challenge (and perhaps embarrass) the great Houdini. This town had just completed an escape-proof jail, and so the townsfolk invited Houdini to come and see if he could break out.

“He accepted the challenge….Houdini had hidden a long flexible steel rod in his belt, which is what he used to try to trip the lock. He worked for 30 minutes. He kept his ear close to the lock—45 minutes, and then an our passed; he was perspiring. After two hours, he was exhausted. He leaned agains the door, and to his amazement, it fell open. They had never locked the door! It was their trick on the great escape artist!

“The door was locked only in Houdini’s mind. That’s the only place it was locked. Some of you think you can’t overcome your problems. The only place where it is impossible is in your thinking. That’s the only thing that’s locked!”

What a great story—and what a great reminder to us that anything is possible. Sometimes the biggest roadblock we have to overcome are the self-imposed limitations we put on ourselves. Let’s unlock the doors of our minds as we all write on!

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