Sweet Satisfaction

“There’s no skill in easy sailing

When the skies are clear and blue.

There’s no joy in merely doing

Things that anyone can do.

But there is great satisfaction

That is mighty sweet to take

When you reach a destination

That you thought you couldn’t make.”

–Author unknown

How true this is, isn’t it? It really strikes a chord for me right now because I’ve hit a patch of stormy weather with a project I’m pushing hard to complete. I’m in the home stretch, but I’m having a tough time getting to the finish line.

Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just that life has thrown some potholes in my way and my work rhythm has been disrupted. Getting back into it is proving very challenging. Or it could simply be that completion is often tough for me. Or maybe it’s project fatigue—it’s been a long haul and I may be running out of gas. Need to find a gas station!

Whatever the challenge is, I’m pushing forward slowly, day by day. If what I want to do was easy, it wouldn’t be much fun. It wouldn’t stretch me and make me grow. Even if those growing pains are not all that comfortable, I know they’ll make me stronger. So I’m going for the “sweet satisfaction” that will come when I cross that finish line!

How about you? Right now there may be a writing feat that may be eluding you. You may be feeling discouraged and not sure that you can make it. Why not assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled—the feeling that you’ve already crossed the finish line and savor your success as if it were already yours. “Act as if”—magic words!

“Accept the challenges so that you may enjoy the exhilaration of victory”—this is a fortune cookie saying I have on my desk. Great advice as we all write on!

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