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Fear doesn’t like action. Frustration doesn’t like action.”

“Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated!” Dr. Rob Gilbert

I found this first quote jotted down on a piece of paper and it jumped out at me. In my own experience this has proven true. When fear or frustration catch hold of me, they immobilize me—they stop me in my tracks. I feel as if there’s no path forward.

How about you? Do these twin demons knock you flat?

If so, then help is at hand, because the remedy is captured in the second fantastic quote from my good friend and mentor, Dr. Rob Gilbert:*

“Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated!”

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? When you’re frustrated, you contract, you get tense and feel stressed, don’t you? You are in a very limited place. You know the feeling.

When you get fascinated—that’s when the magic happens! You’re open and expansive. You become curious about why things aren’t working and curiosity often leads to unexpected, creative solutions. Curiosity challenges you to step up, to up your game.

So today, whatever challenges we face on the writing front, let’s get fascinated. My handy Compact Oxford Dictionary defines “fascinate” in this way: “irresistibly attract the interest of,” which describes this mindset perfectly: When we’re fascinated, we’re “irresistibly attracted” and “interested.” We’re in a state of mind that’s open to new ideas.

Sometime soon, something that triggers fear or frustration—or both!—is going to come our way. And when it does, let’s remember the remedy: get fascinated and then take action. if we do, those two pesky critters will slink out of town and we’ll be back in the saddle again. Write on!

*Check out Dr. Rob Gilbert’s wonderful Success Hotline podcast!

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