As If

“Act the way you want to become and you’ll become the way you act.” Dr. Rob Gilbert*

Here’s a simple formula for becoming the kind of writer you want to be—the kind you know, in your heart, you can be: Act as if you’re that wonderful writer already. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

What would your day be like, if you were the writer you truly want to be? How would you work? What would you work on?

What attitude—what mindset—would you approach your work with?

What level of effort would you put into to the work you’re working on?

How would you share what you’ve learned by helping other writers?

What steps would you take to improve your craft?

“When you have the attitude and effort, the skill is not far behind.“ This quote, which I’ve jotted down on a piece of paper where I see it every day is worth remembering. It reminds us that if we bring the right mind set and intensity of effort to our pages, then our skill will develop and ripen naturally.

So, can you act as if you’re a world-class writer —or the world’s greatest writer? Of course you can! No one’s stopping you! But will you do it?

Why not uplift your attitude and boost your effort and see where it takes you? You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. So let’s act the way nwe want to become—and become the way we act! Write on!

*Check out Dr. Gilbert’s Success Hotline podcast—it’s a winner!

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