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Audiobooks, fueled by the pandemic, have exploded as a channel for reaching more readers and boosting book sales. People love listening to novels and how-to guides—as the growth of this category demonstrates.

What goes into making an audiobook? In a timely talk hosted by the Write Group, novelist Nancy Burke and Janet Aldrich, professional actor and narrator/producer of the new audiobook of Nancy’s novel Only the Women are Burning, shared their experience working with ACX —’s platform. Here’s a quick overview:

Determine if you have audio rights: If your book is self published, then all rights reside with you. If you are working with a hybrid publisher like Apprentice House, which published Nancy’s book, then you probably also have the rights. Traditional publishers retain them.

Find a producer: Janet both performed and produced Nancy’s audiobook. In most cases, you will need to find an independent producer for your project. If you work with, you can find one through its ACX platform. Put your project out to bid and screen potential producers carefully to vet their experience.

Audition performers: The choice of who reads the audio version of your book is key. When auditioning for this critical role, develop a blurb of your book, identify your audience, and decide whether your reader should be male or female. There are lots of actor eager to do voiceovers, Janet notes. Make sure your “material for the audition is compelling and image rich,” she advises.

Manage your budget carefully: Costs of producing an audiobook vary, depending on your producer, production values, editing, rates for performers, etc. Standard terms and conditions often apply. Do your homework thoroughly.

Launch on the platform you’ve selected: Nancy and Janet chose to work with’s ACX platform. Once their audiobook was produced and polished, they submitted it to ACX for its review, then provided cover art and copy to support its launch.

Here’s the listing of the audiobook Nancy and Janet produced: asin=B09TBFG1VV&source_code=ASSORAP0511160006&share_location=pdp&fbclid=IwAR0lGfqvfPJgJ7IA4KMsYOmz5zyxgZLSSg82TV3Vz0xiQgma4ES5nxgyUdA

Creating an audiobook takes time, energy, and careful planning, but it can be a great way to reach more readers. Write on!

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