Believe Daringly

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.
Bruce Barton, advertising executive

We need to believe. In our work. In ourselves. In the power of words.

Beleive you can, and you will. When I saw this note scrawled in blue chalk on a sidewalk near my house, I had to smile. The pint-sized philosopher who wrote it may have been a bit shaky on the spelling front, but what a great thought!

Circumstances often batter our defenses—they buffet and bruise our confidence and nibble at our motivation. We hit a roadblock on the page. We receive yet another rejection email. Our beta readers are more critical than we expected.

In the face of all the many challenging circumstances we may face, can we dare to believe that we have something inside us that’s superior to all these stumbling blocks — that we can leap over them?

Yes, we can!

Daring Believers know that the past doesn’t define or confine them: That what’s happened before doesn’t have to affect what lies ahead.

Daring Believers trust in their work and the value of their efforts. They know that confidence flows from focused, purposeful action — and they commit to pursuing it.

Daring Believers have faith in their ability to grow and improve. They believe they can become better and stronger through constant, continuous improvement.

Daring Believers stay open and receptive to the world and all it offers. They refuse to let unwelcome circumstances shut them down and narrow their gaze.

Daring Believers count their blessings. They know that abundance flows both to and from a grateful heart. Knowing this, they recognize that any lack they’re experiencing is only temporary and will soon fade away.

Let’s be Daring Believers. Let’s believe that we have something splendid to achieve — and that we’re more than equal to anything that comes our way — and write on!

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