True Gold

“If you look closely at all great organizations, all great teams, all great people, the one common denominator that runs through them is a second-to-none work ethic. The intense effort to achieve is always there. This is the one given if you want to be successful. When it comes to work ethic, there can be no compromises. Any other promise of achievement is fool’s gold.

“We can see the evidence of fool’s gold around us every day. It’s the people looking for the quick fix. The easy way to lose weight. The pain-free way to have a bette body. The instant way to get rich. The easy, no-assembly-required way to feel better about yourself, as if all you had to do is to follow some simple directions and your problems will disappear like frost in the noonday sun.

“But shortcuts fail.

The bottom line: Nothing meaningful or lasting comes without working hard at it…” Success Is a Choice, Rick Patino

There’s so much wisdom in these words, isn’t there? We all know the satisfaction that comes from working hard—really stretching our minds and our imaginations. We all know what it feels like when we put in a good day’s work with our writing or other creative endeavors. We feel we’ve made progress, moved forward, made something work that didn’t work before we started.

In the end, there’s nothing more satisfying than grappling with something difficult that we really care about. It’s hard work, but it pays off in the way we feel about ourselves and the projects we’re shepherding to completion.

And isn’t it wonderful that hard work is the key to making things happen? Hard work is a choice. It’s something that’s available to us each and every day.

“When you have the attitude and the effort, the skill is not far behind.” I have this quote by an unknown author on a piece of paper where I see it every day. It reminds me that if I put in the time with joy and enthusiasm and energy, then anything is possible.

So let’s forget the fool’s gold! Let’s go for the true gold—the gold we mine when we dig deep and hard. Write on!

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