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Writing, as we all know, takes huge amounts of emotional and mental stamina. And one of the most wonderful things about our line of work is that you can do pursue it indefinitely, as long as you stay sharp and focused. That’s why I am always on the lookout for easy, healthful ways we can boost our brain power. Here are a few of WW tips gathered from a book called, Power Foods for the Brain by Dr. Neal D. Barnard:

Build your brain by walking: Exercise is known to benefit the brain, but there’s no need to knock yourself out — all that’s required is elevating your pulse briefly. So just walking around your office for 10 minutes a couple of times a day — or outside for 30 minutes and then build up to 40 minutes a day three times a week. People who follow this simple routine for a year have a bigger hippocampus and improved recall. Bonus: better muscle tone and higher metabolism. 

Slow brain aging with sweet potatoes: In southern Japan, the main food staple is the sweet potato. One big benefit: Improved verbal memory. How do sweet potatoes keep the brain supple and young? Beta-carotene, zero bad fat, and good sugars offer a powerful combo. So pop a sweet potato in the toaster oven for lunch! 

Boost your brain by sleeping: Getting enough ZZZZ’s every night is one of the best ways to keep those gray cells humming. Researchers also believe that sleep helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. According to Dr. Barnard, you’ll get an even bigger brain boost if you eat breakfast right after you wake up. If you can’t always manage eight hours of sleep, taking a nap or meditating can help you stay sharp.

Extra tip: Rev up your motor with avocados: Japanese research suggests that eating just two avocados a week can boost your energy level within two months and protect and nourish your liver as well.

What I love about all these tips is that they’re easy to put into action. So let’s try one or two and see if they work. Write on!

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