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In his book, “Robert Schuller’s Life Changers,” the author tells this story:

“My son…graduated from my alma mater, Hope College in Holland Michigan….The moment he derived his B.A. degree was one of f the proudest moments of my life. I Watched as he received his diploma and moved the tassel on his mortarboard from the left to the right.

“After the ceremony we met outside. Beaming with delight, we hugged each other and slapped one another on the back. ‘You made it!’ I exclaimed.

“‘Yes,’ he said, grinning broadly. ‘I made it. But it was tough.’

“‘But it was worth it, though, wasn’t it?’ I asked.

“‘It was worth it,’ he repeated. ‘But at times I wondered. It was quite a hassle.’

“As he spoke those words, my eyes were drawn to the tassel flowing from his cap. Touching it lightly, I said, ‘The tassel is worth the hassle.’

“‘You bet,’ my son affirmed enthusiastically.’

Robert Schuller goes on to observe:

“If you make your decisions based upon how comfortable, easy, convenient, or painless your choices are, then don’t ever expect the great rewards. Hassle-free living is tassel-free living. You can be sure that the tassel is in proportion to the hassle. Pay a big price and you can expect a good return!”

We all know in our heart of heart how true this is and yet sometimes, in life and our work, we choose the hassle-free road—the line of least resistance. We can rest there awhile, but let’s remember that these moments are only stopping-places and we need to move on and embrace the hassles and the heartaches, the difficulties and the dangers. If we want something more, then we have to do more than expected—and expect more of ourselves. Write on!

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