Out There

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” T.S. Eliot

Love this! For me, it calls to mind my major push to get my George Washington story about September ll, 1776 published. I felt it offered an inspiring message and really wanted it out in the world. So I spent three days sending queries out to different publications. Most people would probably have stopped at 10, and in the past, so would I. But I decided to be extreme, so this time, I kept going until I’d contacted about 25.

Ultimately, my story found a home at “American Heritage,” now an online magazine, which did a stunning photo layout. The story appeared in its 9/11 commemorative issue. I was thrilled!

This proved to me that being extreme works! You may also have learned what I did from your own moments of extreme determination and focus: You can always go farther than you think.

Once you take a risk, once you put yourself on the line, I believe magical things happen. The Universe supports you: the energy, willpower, and ideas you need show up because you are.

Risk taking often gets a bum rap. Many people think its rash, ill-advised, and asking for trouble to go out on a limb.

But as the saying goes, that’s where the sweetest fruit is.

And consider this: What’s the alternative? Sitting around waiting and wishing for something to happen? How well does that work? In my experience, inaction creates frustration, not fulfillment.

So what’s on your agenda today? What would you love to see in print? As much as anything, getting published is a numbers game—you have to get your work out to a lot of places in order to strike gold. You have to risk more rejection than you may feel comfortable with. So be it!

As my friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert says,* “Winners lose more than losers lose.” Why? Simply because they’re willing to lose more often in order to ultimately achieve their goal, whatever it is.

So let’s “risk going too far” today and see just how far we can go! Write on!

*For a daily dose of motivation and inspiration, check out Dr. Rob Gilbert’s “The Success Hotline Podcast”—you’ll be glad you did!

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