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A story and a solution:

“Warren Bennis’ title is ‘University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration’ at the University of Southern California. He serves on a number of high-powered boards. He has written several popular, readable, and practical books….

“Warren Bennis understands and keeps pace with modern business practices. He does not do anything by accident.

“I received a thank-you note from him a while ago. The envelope was hand addressed.

“If I could choose to give one small, inexpensive gift to everyone who reads this book on the basis of what would have the most positive impact on their lives, it would be an easy call: No, it wouldn’t be one of my books. It would be a fountain pen.”

from “Pushing the Envelope” by Harvey Mackey

How true this is! Personal communication is so important! No one knows this better than we do. As writers, touching other lives personally, whether we’re writing a story sending a note, really matters. I cherish every note I receive—I’m sure you do, too.

Just recently, my dear friend Eddie— a creative communicator extraordinaire—designed a lovely one-of-a-kind thank-you card just for me. Once they’re printed, I’ll be sending one to everyone who’s helped me bring my play, “Dust of Egypt” to the stage. It’s beautiful! It has colorful poster art from my play, quotes on gratitude and inspiration, and space for me to pen a handwritten note. I can’t wait to mail it out!

Right now, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. To reach out to each other. To share some light and love through stories, poetry, and inspiring messages and cards. Bravo, Eddie! Thanks for making the world a brighter place ( Write on!

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2 Responses to Personal Notes

  1. Mirela N. Trofin says:

    hi, i send personal notes all the time. i enjoy writing them and just surprising people. they love getting them. thank you for your post.

  2. Hi Mirela,

    Thanks so much for your note. It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy writing personal notes and surprising those who receive them—what a gift! I’m sure they cherish your words and the thoughtfulness behind them.

    Write on,

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