Unexpected Findings

An inspiring story:

For 10 long years, Professor Alexander Fleming searched for ways to kill bacteria. Then one day, he was tidying up his laboratory and getting ready to leave. He stacked several dirty dishes in an antiseptic bath in Oder to clean them. But he accidentally left out one dish he had been growing bacteria on.

Meanwhile , in a laboratory below Dr. Fleming’s, a researcher was working with fungi. Borne by the air, mold drifted out of that laboratory into Fleming’s laboratory and landed right on the dish he had accidentally left out and forgotten to clean. Mold started growing on the dish.

Weeks later, Fleming returned to his laboratory and discovered the moldy dish. His years of experience and experiments enabled him to speculate that the mold that e randomly landed on this loons dish had prevented the bacteria from growing. He had the presence of mind and observation skills to recognize the significance of this unexpected finding. He had stumbled upon a substance that could kill bacteria responsible for many infectious illnesses in humans. He called it penicillin. Since that fateful day in his laboratory, his serendipitous discovery has saved millions upon millions of lives.

Unexpected findings—we’ve all experienced them as writers.

We pick up an article about a subject we’ve chosen for a story.

We read a book that gives us clues to restructuring our work.

We create a minor character who becomes a major player in our novel.

We overheard a snippet of conversation we use in our dialogue.

Oh, the joys of these happy accidents! I think of them as little gifts from the universe that show us we’re on the right track and help keep us going. We never know when these moments of serendipity—love that word!—will come our way. But if we’re open to discovery, we’re open to ideas and experiences that can transform our work.

Let’s welcome these unexpected moments. Let’s keep an eye out for them, so when they arrive, we’ll recognize them and take advantage of them as we all write on.

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