Favorable Conditions

“The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” C.S. Lewis

“Favorable conditions never come.”

How true this is, isn’t it? And yet how often we forget it! Whatever knowledge we’re seeking and whatever we seek to accomplish, we must want it so badly, be so hungry for it, that we search for it no matter what the circumstances are.

We all have fallen into the time trap of waiting for conditions to change before we take action. As writers, there are so many circumstances that seem to thwart us!

We may feel that what we’re writing isn’t timely or trendy enough—and so we put it aside and leave it unfinished.

We may feel that the gatekeepers in publishing are creating a challenging climate for our work and grow discouraged.

We may feel that our work isn’t good enough, that it falls short somehow, and that it won’t be judged kindly, so we hold back.

Whatever the “conditions” that inhibit us, let’s remember the words of our gentle guide, C.S. Lewis: “Favorable conditions never come.”

So, let’s forget about what’s happening outside. Just forget it!

Let’s be our own sunshine. Let’s remember that everything worthwhile begins within. Let’s be writers who “WANT KNOWLEDGE SO BADLY” that we seek it regardless of our circumstances. Let’s be writers who want to improve our craft so badly that we keep writing, no matter what. Let’s be writers willing to chase down an idea that intrigues us, no matter what. Let’s be writers who are willing to invest the time to research a topic that we feel is worthy of being shared. And then, let’s all write on!

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