Action Enlivens

“Talk doesn’t cook rice.” Chines Proverb

“Action is eloquence” William Shakespeare

“Will and act until victory.” Paramahansa Yogananda

ACE: Action Cures Everything! This is one acronym I find myself embracing more and more often, especially when it comes to my writing life. We writers love to think don’t we? Think and tinker, tinker and think. Think some more and tinker some more.

Sometimes we overdo it—I know I do! We overthink and get all angsty. We suffer from analysis paralysis. We hug our work to our hearts so closely we almost smother it. I’ve done it. And maybe you have, too.

What to do? What to do? There’s a simple solution: Take action!

I know, I know. Sometimes, we just need to put our thoughts into words and that’s enough. Or we’re happy just share our writing with a few people. But many of us write because we want to share what we know and have learned with the wider world.

Action opens doors to that wider world in so many exciting ways:

Taking action ignites our ingenuity: When we get out of our head and take action, we often unleash fresh ideas and energy.

Taking action expands our possibilities: When we take action to get our writing out into the world, we find new avenues for sharing it.

Taking action fosters commitment: When we move from thinking to doing, we signal to the Universe that we are committed to our work.

Taking action spurs change: When we complete a project and push it forward, we’re forced to get out of our comfort zone—and that’s good!

“Will and act until victory” —what a great mantra as we all write on!

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