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It is a law of the universe. Assistance must always be given to those who request it.” Oprah Winfrey

Wouldn’t it be wonderful — absolutely fabulous, in fact — if you could somehow magically conjure up vital information that you need for a project you’re working on? Well, it may not be as far fetched an idea as it sounds at first blush. Not if you invoke the “Magic Folder” principle. Here’s how it works:

First, you simply find an empty Manila folder or if you’re a paper lover like me, a jazzy, colorful one with William Morris flowers on it. Then you label it with the title of what you need: “Healing herbs from the Middle Ages” or “Daring Escapes of World War II” or even something highly specific to a novel or story you’re writing, like “Five Possible Subplots.” Then you just carry it around with you everywhere and see what happens.

According to my friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert,* you’ll start accumulating material almost instantly, When he first used this principle to research a paper he was writing, it worked like a charm. The first day, his mother gave him a helpful “Reader’s Digest” article she’d come across; then a friend told him about a TV program related to his subject — and on and on. I’ve had similar experiences, so I’m definitely a fan of this approach (check out my post “Idea Magnet” — it’s one of my favorites). Why does this work?

You’re announcing your intention: There’s nothing more powerful than a clearly stated intention backed up by action. When you write down what you’re looking for and create an empty folder waiting to be filled, you are signaling to yourself, everyone around you, and the universe at large that you are focusing your attention and energy on a goal. And as Rob points out, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

You’re asking for help: As Oprah says so well, when you request help sincerely and in good faith, you invoke a “law of the universe” — “assistance must always be given.” I’m a firm believer in this — asking for help brings it to you.

You’re opening yourself to receive: When you open yourself up to new ideas and fresh approaches, you’re clearing the wave lengths, cosmically speaking, and allowing avenues of information to open up and flow freely to you — often in unexpected ways. You’ll be amazed at where and when tidbits of information will arrive!

So, it you need a boost, why not use the “Magic Folder” technique? If it works for you, I’d love to hear about it as we all write on!

* This powerful tool comes to us via Rob’s wonderful Success Hotline: 973.743.4690.

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