Pebbles, Pearls

A story:

A grain of sand finds its way into the shell of an oyster. The interloper is microscopic. Still it’s a source of irritation and pain to the to the oyster’s soft, unprotected body. Unable to eject the unwelcome pebble, the oyster defends itself and reduces the irritation by coating the pebble with layers of soft, luminous, mother-of-pearl material from its own shell. Slowly, over time, the oyster transforms a painful, unwelcome irritation into a beautiful pearl—a gift of great value.

Mmmm…so much to ponder and apply here!

Sometime today, something is going to irritate you. It’s going to take you out of your flow, disrupt your train of thought and your plans.

That’s not hard to predict! What’s not so easy to forecast is how you’re going to respond to that irritation.

Are you going to focus on the pain and the problem it’s created or on the possibilities and potential it offers? Will it be the pebble or the pearl?

When we focus on problems, we contract: often the problems just become bigger and our abilities to deal with them shrink.

When we focus on possibilities, our abilities expand: We find ourselves curious, creative, concentrated on solutions. And that’s empowering!

So whatever problem comes your way today in your writing—a thorny plot point, an unruly character, an unenthusiastic editor you’ve submitted a story to—forget the pebble and focus on the pearl. Your resources will expand and you’ll find inner strength and creativity just waiting for you. Let’s find the pearls as we all write on!

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