Writer’s Promise

Back in the 1960s, Buck Owens was a huge country music singer with a loyal fan base. He was beloved for his energy and style, but eventually, as an artist, he felt the need to leave his comfort zone and branch out: He began performing pop-rock songs on stage.

Some hard-core fans objected. Concerned that he might be losing support, Buck took swift action. He bought a full-page ad in the March 1965 issue of the Nashville-based fan magazine Music City News to announce his “Pledge to Country Music:”

I shall sing no song that is not a country song.

I shall make no record that is not a country record. 

I refuse to be known as anything but a country singer. 

I am proud to be associated with country music.

Country music and country music fans made me 

what I am today. And I shall not forget it.

This pledge captured my fancy. I began thinking about creating a Writer’s Pledge to my readers, wherever and whoever they are. Here’s what I came up with:

I will always give the best that I have within me.

I will honor my passions and go where they lead me.

I will nurture my creativity and give it wings.

I will work constantly to improve and enrich my craft.

I will push myself out of my comfort zone and write dangerously.

I will share my knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow writers.

How about you? Would you consider creating your own personal “Writer’s Pledge” – if so, I’d love to hear about it. Write on!

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