Terrific Trio

“Inspiration and passion usually go hand in hand. If you are going to try to persuade others to go with you, it certainly doesn’t hurt that you have very strong convictions about where you are going. Like Christopher Columbus did, for instance, to discover the New World. And, if you’ve got passion and conviction, you’re more likely to be inspiring. If you’re inspired yourself and you’re passionate about something, you’re more likely to succeed at it, and you’re more likely to get others to come with you.” Ted Turner

“Someone asked me recently if they should be an actor. I said if you have to ask, then the answer is no! Because the only reason to choose that life for yourself is because you feel passionate about it. Because you have no other choice!” Barbra Streisand

Sometimes in the day to day press of events and deadlines and distractions, we forget about what makes us tick—what propels us to get up in the morning and to keep on writing, no matter what. We forget about where our drive springs from. We forget about the mighty trio underlying every success: passion, conviction and inspiration.

Passion, conviction, and inspiration: what more do we need? When this dynamic trio is driving the bus, we’re on the road to success.

Passion is the fire inside us, the heat that stokes our engine. It’s the source of our energy and drive. When we’re passionate about something, as Barbra says, we have no other choice, we’re impelled to make it happen.

Conviction is like the driver’s wheel—it’s the calm, steady belief in ourselves and our work. It’s what steers us and keeps us moving in the right direction.

Inspiration reminds me of the joy and freedom sparked by being on a road trip headed toward a destination we find new and exciting. Inspiration is contagious! When we’re inspired, others around us become inspired too—they want to come along for the ride.

Sometime today—or tomorrow—you may hit a rough patch in your creative life. When you do, you might try invoking the mighty trio: passion, conviction, and inspiration. They may just give you the fuel you need to keep going down the road you’ve chosen. Write on!

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