Powerful Pencils!

It could be that there’s only one word and it’s all we need. It’s here in this pencil. Every pencil in the world is like this.” W.S. Merwin

What a marvelous, inspiring musing from our friend Merwin! To think that all the words in the world are captive in one bright, shiny pencil, just waiting to be released! Or if you are not a pencil pusher, to think that all the words in the world are sitting patiently in your computer system, which magically provides you with everything you need—words, ink, paper, and print!

I’ve been a huge fan of pencils ever since my Dad first handed me one: Bright, shiny, and yellow as a new school bus, with a juicy round pink crown adorning it. So here’s a pencil poem that flowed from my pen:

Oh, my faithful writing buddy
Ever at the ready
Could I have a better friend,
Calm, creative, steady?

Oh my little pencil,
Prodigious is your power
What marvels will flow from you
In this fruited hour?

O, my joyous pencil,
Let’s be blithe and gay,
Let the words at our command
Romp and dance and play!

May your pencil or pen or computer inspire you today as we all write on!

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