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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Henry Ford

An inspiring story:

“at age eight, strapped in a hospital bed with a pelvis disease similar to polio, my ambition was to play polio. The doctor said, ‘Never!’”

But Haydn Bunton Jr., a world-famous Australian football player, thought otherwise. “At 11,” he recalls, “I discarded crutches and body splint and started out. At 16 I played my first big game. I was on the way and nothing could stop me. Three years with a bone disease hadn’t. Nothing could.

“I told myself this again and again as they pulled me from the wreckage of my car…then wheeled me into surgery that Easter Sunday morning. The doctor said. ‘We’ve removed fragmented bone from the knee joint and replaced it with grafted thigh bone—it’s the best we can do, but you’ll never play football again.’”

But Bunton thought otherwise. And this second setback became fuel for a comeback. “I began painful weight-lifting,” he goes on.”Eight hours a day, day in and day out….In six months I was back on the football field. My bad leg was much weaker than the other one; I couldn’t kick with it or bend it fully. But it was getting me around. I spent torturous months running along Sandhills until I was satisfied that the leg that had wasted to half its normal size was once again ready to take part in the game I was bred for.

“Today, after 280 games, I can only say—you can generally do what your want to do if you will it. Many times I’ve sat therein the change room and wondered how I was going to see it through because of the injuries that had not healed in time. The point is, you can overcome hardship and handicap if you’re of a mind to.”

What an amazing story! I can’t think of one that better captures the deep truth of Henry Ford’s simple, but powerful words: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

Haydn Bunton believed he was “bred” to play football. And despite his injuries and naysaying doctors who said he never would, he thought he could and never wavered.

Like Bunton, we all have a choice. We can “think we can” or “think we can’t.” When we “think we can,” I believe the Universe supports us and sends us the strength and help we need. When we “think we can’t,” the game’s over before it begins.

We all face setbacks—some of us are struggling with them right now. When they come our way, let’s find the will to think we can and all write on!

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