Joyful Creating

Life energy flows when we create, or when we help another persons creativity flower by encouraging them in some way.

Think of the sense of joy and satisfaction that one can derive from the simple act of planting flowers, cooking a meal, writing a poem, solving a problem, painting a picture, dressing with flair, or doing your job to the best of your abilities.

Creativity brings us to life, and by using our creativity we help bring the world into being.” Dr. Joan Borysenko, writer and psychologist

What a lovely meditation on the power of creation!

We all know that wonderful feeling, don’t we? The feeling of our life energy flowing and growing as we create something new? And isn’t it true that in these moments, we feel totally alive—full of energy and purpose? What a gift!

How lucky we are that the very nature of the work we do is to create!

We create when we come up with a new idea and commit to bringing it from our brain to the page.

We create when we conjure up characters and breathe life into them, giving them quirks and dreams and yearnings that make them seem real and Mae us want to root for them.

We create when we dream up dialogue that allows two characters to connect for a few moments in time and gives us a glimpse of their inner lives.

We create when we build a story out of smoke and mirrors—-when we wave a magic wand and plunge our readers into a new world—a world they’ve never visited before and might never know except for us.

What wizards of words we are! What magic we weave! As Joan said, “we help bring the world into being.” Let’s make it a nioyurishign, flourishing one as we all write on!

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