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Congratulations are in order! David Holmberg, a veteran journalist and member of my writing group, has just published The Hurricane Murders, a stylish, edgy novel with an appealing protagonist named Jake Arnett. Like David, Jake is a reporter; hoping to start a new chapter in his life, Jake, like so many others, falls for what David calls, “the false seductiveness of Florida.” There he becomes obsessed with the double murder of a mother and daughter who also moved to Florida with the dream of starting over.

When David asked me to post a review for him on Amazon, I was happy to say yes. After finishing the book, here’s what I wrote:

“I loved this book! A great read — sharp, nervy noir at its best. From the first page, you’re plunged into an alien, pseudo-paradise, where people go to escape and reinvent themselves –and sometimes get killed. Tough and vulnerable at the same time, as a reporter Jake Arnett is totally believable — frayed around the edges but trying to hang on as the newspaper world he loves falls apart around him. Arnett has an ironic, but sympathetic cast of mind that makes him very appealing. The author manages to turn Florida into a character itself — seductive, dangerous, and unpredictable. He also offers an insider’s look at the news industry as it self-destructs. If you like stylish thrillers with a strong sense of place, then I’d definitely get The Hurricane Murders. It’s a page turner —
intense and absorbing.”

As soon as I sent him a copy, David emailed back enthusiastically saying that the review expressed exactly what he hoped readers would take away from the book. I felt pleased that I’d been able to capture my feelings as a reader in a way that supported David and made him feel good about what he’d achieved: creating appealing characters, conveying a strong sense of atmosphere, and delivering a well-told tale with insight and compassion. All in all, quite an accomplishment! For more on The Hurricane Murders, check out Amazon. Great for for edgy noir enthusiasts!

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