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Sometimes we’re lucky enough to come across a voice so honest and real, it speak to us directly. For me, this usually happens with an author on the page. Rarely have I come across a voice like this on the Internet. Somehow, the distance between me and a page of prose seems much shorter than the distance words have to travel through cyberspace.

But recently, I came across a unique voice on the Internet — one that surprised me with its power to reach out electronically and speak to me. It belongs to a fellow named Steven Diamond, the creator of StopStressingNow.com. I’ll be doing an interview with Steven about my book Birthing the Elephant soon and decided to visit his site. There, I found some touching comments visitors had written about an article he wrote called, “Top 5 Ways to Deal with Loneliness.” Intrigued, I decided to check it out.

In this online column, Steve talks about defining the problem, getting help, and confiding in a friend. Number 4 on his list: “Just sit on the couch, sometimes, and let yourself completely feel the loneliness. A little self-pity is a good thing because it motivates you to change your thinking and your life and, eventually, solve the problem.”

There is something so real, so touching, about the idea of just sitting on a couch and being alone with your loneliness. What a vivid image! It just jumped out at me and I could see one of the people who wrote Steven trying to take his advice and doing exactly that. Steven wraps up by writing:

“There is no need to suffer. No need to continue feeling the heart ache and pain you live with while combating loneliness. There is help. We wouldn’t think twice about get the oil changed in our car because we know that it needs that in order to run properly. So don’t think twice about calling someone who truly cares when you need someone to talk to about whatever is on your mind and in your heart.” Now that’s honest and heartfelt — and writing dangerously. Write on, Steven!

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