Holy Ground

“And the captain of the Lord’s host said unto Joshua,
loose thy shoe from off thy foot: for the place whereon thy
standest is holy. And Joshua did so.”
Joshua 5:15

Sure, I should be studying social media. But I’m not — not yet, anyway! Instead, I’m doing something a bit offbeat: I’m taking a course in the Old Testament. There’s a method to my madness: As a writer, it seems to me that having a deeper understanding of this amazing piece of literature might really be beneficial. And I’m loving the course — it’s fantastic.

Tonight, as I was reading the book of Joshua, I came across the passage above. It made me smile, because my wonderful mom, Dorothy, used to quote a similar text from the story of Moses and the burning bush. When I felt frustrated by some problem or circumstance, she would often say, “Just remember, ‘the place whereon you stand is holy ground.’”

To my mom, this meant that whatever I needed to thrive and grow, to solve a problem or make a choice, was already present, right beneath my feet, so to speak. “Bloom where you are planted” is a variation on this idea.

So often in life and in our writing, we fret and chafe about what we need and don’t have, or how much we could improve our craft if only we could take this workshop or study with that teacher or have more time — the list goes on and on.

Why limit ourselves in this way? Why not free ourselves to create by saying we have everything we need right now, in this moment, to do what’s called for? Why not see the page itself as holy ground, take off our shoes, and get to work?

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2 Responses to Holy Ground

  1. Monex says:

    Now it happened after the death of.Moses the servant of Yahweh that Yahweh spoke to Joshua the son of Nun .Moses minister saying Moses my servant is dead now.therefore arise go over this Jordan you and all this people to the.land which I do give to them even to the children of Israel. From the wilderness and this.Lebanon even to the great river the river Euphrates all the land of the.Hittites and to the great sea toward the going down of the sun shall be.your border. Be strong.and of good courage for you shall cause this people to inherit the land.which I swore to their fathers to give them.

    • Hello,

      Thanks so much for sharing this passage — so beautiful and full
      of life. It reminds me why so many writers, from Melville to
      Hemingway have studied the Bible and absorbed its poetry
      and rhythms.

      Write on!

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