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One quality I cherish about book lovers and writers is their enthusiasm — talk about contagion! Just today, a perfect example dropped into my lap, proverbially speaking! After a wonderful weekly meditation group I attend, my beloved dharma teacher Eileen asked a few members of our group if we had ever read a book called, Miriam’s Kitchen: A Memoir. None of us had.

Eileen brought out the book and began talking about how much she loved it: the writing was beautiful, the stories were heart-warming, the recipes were mouth-watering, and the sense of place and tradition reminded her of wonderful meals she’d shared in the past.

After such a rave review, how could I not find out more? A quick Web search turned up more glowing reader comments. A few to whet your appetite:

“I stumbled across this book and have found it to be the best “cookbook” I’ve ever read. The stories are so moving on not only a personal, but historical and political level. Because of this book, I am re-examining my links to my foremothers via the kitchen. A must read!”

“Ok, so I’m like a Hawaiian/Chinese guy living in San Francisco who picks this book up and finds it to be the first in a long time that moves him to tears.”

“Reading Miriam’s Kitchen was a delight. Often I found myself crying with joy over memories that resonated with me. If you’re not familiar with this kind of background, why not find about it – this is what life is all about!”

That last reviewer hit the nail on the head: This is what life’s all about — and books, too! — to explore, to enter new worlds, to gain a glimpse of other lives. And what author wouldn’t be in seventh heaven to learn that readers were crying for joy and moved to tears by their words? Am I going to find a copy of Miriam’s Kitchen? You can bet on it! Thanks, Eileen.

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