Making Magic

“Practice makes magic.”
Louise Hay

Thanks to my darling sister Stephanie, I had the joyful pleasure of attending an evening gala for the launch of You Can Create An exceptional Life, a new book by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. And quite an evening it was! The event was held in a spacious loft-like setting with a lovely uplifting feeling. Wine, tasty treats, and a celebratory crowd added to the festive mood. Everyone attending also received a signed copy of the new book — a generous gift I know I’ll treasure.

And then there was Louise! Still going strong at 84, she is the gentle dynamo behind Hay House, a publishing company devoted to spiritual and self-help themes that started with a single book called You Can Heal Your Life and now publishes more than 100 titles a year. She’s an “accidental author” with an amazing success story.

When Louise and Cheryl sat together to chat about their new book, Steph and I had a ringside seat. You could just feel Louise’s elfin energy. She shared a few ideas from her book that I wanted to pass on in the hopes that they will brighten your day and boost your writing productivity:

When you wake up in the morning just snuggle under the covers for a few moments and say something like “Thank you bed for giving me such a wonderful rest.” This helps set the tone for a buoyant beginning.

Foster a positive, expectant mindset by saying to yourself, “Life loves me” throughout your day — a simple but powerful recipe for success.

Remember that practice is the key to performance. If you want to “dissolve” an old habit and create a more positive, life-affirming one, you can’t just wish for the change you want, you have to invite it into your life by taking action and practicing new behaviors.

“Practice makes magic:” this applies to crafting exceptional writing as well as creating an exceptional life. Write on!

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