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Entering the home stretch in the redraft of my YA novel has been exciting, but it’s also consumed lots of “little gray cells,” as Hercule Poirot would say. Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been feeling pretty tired after an intensive rewrite session. Not to worry! I’ve come across some helpful tips on boosting energy that I plan to take advantage of.
Here are a few that I thought I’d pass on:

Chug some H20: When your hydration level drops by as little as 1% to 2%, you can begin to feel fatigued and we lose this amount of water overnight when we sleep. So consider having a bottle of water by your nightstand and chugging some right after you wake up. It may give a real boost to your morning. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well to stay alert and energized.

Beat that mid-afternoon slump: If you find your energy flagging in the afternoon, you have plenty of company — and it’s not your imagination! Scientists blame it on brain fatigue triggered by a drop in glucose, the brain’s main source of fuel. When you hit a slump, you may be tempted to give yourself a boost by grabbing something sweet, say a cookie or cupcake. But eating a banana is actually the best way to reboot your energy. It’s a natural source of glucose and will give you an instant energy surge with only 100 calories. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which fights fatigue.

Quick focus fix: If you’re working and finding it hard to concentrate, here’s a quick and easy Rx: Run ice cold water on the inside of your wrist for 30 seconds. Why? When cold water hits the veins and nerves in your wrist, it triggers the release of a hormone that sharpens your brain’s focus. In fact, people who used this trick perform better on alertness tests according to research at the University of Chicago. And because the wrist is a “hub” for circulation, when you run cold water on your wrist, it’s felt throughout the body instantly, so you immediately feel an overall energy boost.

Let’s try these tips this week and see what happens. Write on!

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