Battling Discouragement

If there’s one thing we all share in common, it’s the fact that we know what it means to feel discouraged. After all, writing can be a lonely calling and it isn’t always easy to persist when things look bleak. But we can take heart and inspiration from the stories of others who have gone before us. Consider the ups and downs one man faced on the road to fulfilling his destiny:

He failed in business at age 22.
He ran for the Legislature and was defeated at age 23.
He failed in business again at age 24.
He was elected to the Legislature at age 25.
His sweetheart died when he was 26.
He had a nervous breakdown at age 27.
He was defeated for Speaker at age 29.
He was defeated for Elector at age 31.
He was defeated at Congress at age 34.
He was elected to Congress at age 37.
He was defeated for Congress at age 39.
He was defeated for the Senate at age 46.
He was defeated for Vice President at age 47.
He was defeated for the Senate again at age 49.
He was elected President of the United States at age 51.

This is the rocky history of Abraham Lincoln, who many regard as America’s finest president. As you face discouragement in pursuing your dreams, take
heart from Abe’s resilience and strength.

Many thanks to Rob Gilbert’s wonderful Success Hotline (973.743.4690) for this inspiring President’s Day tale. Write on!

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