Soothing Stress

“A relaxed mind is a creative mind.”

This Yogi Tea bag saying really strikes home with me, because I know that when I’m feeling loose and relaxed, my mind is freer to roam and come up with exciting ideas. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for ways to stay calm and focused. Here are a few easy techniques we can all use:

Breakfast booster: A smart breakfast can get you off to a robust, energetic day and help kick stress off your agenda. Greek yogurt, which is rich in mood-enhancing potassium is a good choice; so is a whole-grain slice of bread with a generous dab of almond butter, which has lots of protein, topped with slices of avocado. Taking a spoonful of royal jelly can also be a smart move.

Muster music: Taking a music break is a great tension tamer. Just put on a song you love, close your eyes, turn down the lights, and relax. Singing along can actually boost the benefits you receive, so really let yourself go and belt out a song.

Beguile your brain: Your brain responds to facial cues, so if your facial muscles are tense, your brain goes on stress alert. Studies show that changing your muscle tone can change your mood, so relaxing your face is a quick way to relax your brain. One quick way: Close your eyes, massage your temples, and smile!

Wander in the woods: Spending even just a short time outside lowers your heart rate and boosts your mood. If you can’t get out, you can bring the woods inside by using soothing sandalwood and cedar essential oils. Just inhaling a whiff can transport you to a calming forest scene. One doctor suggests using spritzing the oils on a sachet or sprinkling a few drops on river rocks or seashells and keeping them nearby as a “visual oasis” — what a great idea!

Soothing snacks: Walnuts, cashews, and pistachios all have stress-reducing fatty acids — and biting into crunchy foods is a proven tension reliever. So go nuts!

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