Finding Balance

One of the things I enjoy most on the writing front is hearing other authors talk about their work — how their
stories are born, how their characters grow and come to fruition, and how their writing process unfolds. There’s always something to inspire and instruct me — and what more can you ask for?

Tonight, I hopped into Manhattan for the book signing and launch of a YA novel by Andrea Cremer called Rift. It looks like an exciting read and is actually the first in a prequel trilogy that provides backstory for Andrea’s popular Nightshade series. If it sounds a bit complicated, it is. But not to worry, Andrea has it all straight and has lots more story to share.

Always fascinating to hear how stories start. Andrea has a PhD in early modern literature and always loved to write and research. She taught for a time while pursuing her dream of publishing a book. After studying the history of the Knights Templar, she decided to create an offshoot of this secret order and use it as the springboard for her series of stories.

When someone asked what the hardest part about writing her books was and how she handled it, Andrea had a surprising answer. She said her biggest challenge was doing what she loves full time — and finding the balance between her writing and her emotional life. She was working hard at managing becoming a full-time writer without becoming a “slave to the writing process.”

Know the feeling. Writing can be an obsessive calling — in fact, I think it has to be. Anything you pour yourself into is going to push you to extremes. Another challenge Andrea talked about: Trying not to rush through her stories and taking time to understand what happens to her characters and let it unfold. Fascinating to think that every writer faces a different set of obstacles coming to the page. Some of us struggle with the slow pace of our writing and others worry about writing too quickly. Finding a balance can be tricky, yet as Andrea pointed out, it’s important. Write on.

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