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“This is the kind of book story that built Grisham’s reputation as a lion of the literary thriller. The Racketeer is guilty of only one thing: keeping us engaged until the very last page.”
USA Today Review

Wow! Guess the reviewer in USA Today really liked John Grisham’s newest book — and she’s not the only one. John’s 30th legal thriller is really making waves. It’s won kudos for its “imaginative plot” and “fluid writing style.”

Considering the fact that he’s already sold close to 300 million books and is one of only three authors (along with Tom Clancy and JK Rowling) to have sold two million copies of book in its first printing, John is definitely having a good year. But things weren’t always so rosy (see Moving Ahead). John spent several years writing his first book and it was rejected by close to 30 publishers. Ultimately, it never sold more than a few thousand copies: today, each is a collector’s item as is worth about $4,000.00.

Whether you’re a Grisham fan or not, as a writer, I totally admire his moxie, persistence, and creativity. To write 30 books in the same genre and keep them fresh, lively, and exciting is an amazing feat in my book. This is what interests me most about all the raves for The Racketeer — with this book, John seems to have reached a whole new level in his writing. This is what mastery is all about: to keep developing your craft, to pursue deliberate practice to strengthen your skills, and to keep pushing yourself — challenging your own expectations and self-imposed limitations.

As writers, there’s no telling how far we can go if we stay committed to ourselves and our craft. Whatever our goals, we can get there provided we stay focused and excited about the work we’re doing and believe in ourselves. Bravo, John!

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