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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
Anais Nin

“Taking the Stress Out of Writing” — as soon as I saw the title of this workshop given by a life coach named Diana St. Lifer (, I was on board. It was well worth the time! While I love to write, like everyone else, I often find it challenging. As writers, we have our own unique set of stressors, from deadlines and writer’s block to marketing and rejection.

As Diana noted, writing stress takes many forms: the inability to produce, worrying, fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, distraction, disorganization, and procrastination. Whew! That’s a lot to handle! The key to managing stress is managing our perception of it and changing the way we respond to the circumstances that come our way. Diana covered a lot of ground, but here are some very helpful tips she offered:

Create new rules: set your own personal intentions and goals for success.
Watch your words and self-talk: our language has energy and what we say matters.
Use daily affirmations and gratitude:the help lift and energize you, even in difficulty.
Quiet the mind: use centering, meditation, and journaling to stay calm and clear.
Envision your goal: link your intention to specific images and keep moving forward.
Be present: stay in the moment and be alert to what’s unfolding before you.
Make conscious choices: your choices create your life; bring full awareness to them.
Tap into your success frequency: use your vision/examples of success to stay motivated.
Challenge yourself: push yourself, especially when you’re afraid.

And finally, Diana offered a wonderful question we can all ask ourselves: “What thought am I having right now that’s stopping me from moving forward?” Food for thought — and action. Write on!

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