Kind Words

“Be ye kind to one another.”
Ephesians 4:32

Today, I was fortunate to find my wise and wonderful friend Claire at home and we had a long-overdue catch-up over a cup of tea and a sweet. Not only is Claire one of my beloved dog-walking buddies and a gifted counselor, she is also a cherished reader of my YA novel. Today, I filled her in on my authorly adventures. Misadventures might be more apt. I told her of the passes that agents had taken, the feedback they’d given, and of the changes I was making to my story.

When I finished my tale of ups and downs, Claire smiled her lovely, sunny smile and said, “Karin, It sounds like everything you’re doing is just going to make your character and your story deeper and richer” — or something close to that. I basked for a moment in the warmth of her words and felt so nourished and grateful for her kindness and encouragement. What a gift!

Claire made me feel that the choices I was making were moving me in the right direction and that my story was worthy of all the time and energy I’ve poured into it — and all the hours of work still ahead. Truly, she lifted me up.

I remember reading that Ernest Hemingway made it a point not to talk about his work when he was writing: he felt it scattered the magic and energy. There are times when I feel exactly the same way: I want to safeguard that sacred bond between me and the page. What’s happening is just between the “two” of us.

But I also believe that there are also times in the writing process when talking about our choices and challenges with valued listeners can be so helpful and affirming. Today was one such moment and I’m so glad I reached out for support. Is there someone today you could turn to for a boost — or a writer you know who could use some encouragement from you? If so, then I hope you’ll take time to connect. Thanks, Claire! Write on.

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