Discombobulated Days

“Fall down nine times, get up ten.”
Ancient proverb

Discombobulated — that’s the only way to describe the two days that have just passed. They started out pretty well, I’ve had some ideas for revising my YA novel’s opening for the umpteenth time and I think they’re pretty promising. But when I looked at my backyard and saw the huge tree that had fallen there during Hurricane Sandy, all the excitement about my rewrite just seemed to whisk away into the damp air.

Then, too, I haven’t been able to get on the Internet to post my blog for the last couple of days, which definitely made me feel upended. I’d written two posts before and after the storm but wasn’t able to get them up and out.

I know, I know: the excuses are piling up! But I just felt so tired and upended with all the hurricane hullabaloo that I couldn’t concentrate on my work. Now, ordinarily, I might have ignored this and tried to push through it, but somehow, my instincts told me that something was a-foot (actually, a-head might be a better way to put it). I got the sense that something was percolating in my mind about my novel and I should just quietly ignore it: not try to force it onto the page, but just let it steep a bit more.

And so, instead of sitting at my desk and chewing my pencil in frustration, I sat in a comfortable chair and read someone else’s novel. It was a page turner that provided a dose of amusement without being too heavy. Tomorrow, no matter what, it’s back to my desk and my own book.

Sometimes, I’ve found that a discombobulating day or two in which I’m totally pulled out of my regular rhythm can actually be very productive in its own stealthy way because it leaves my mind free to sort and sift through some writing problem or another. I hope this proves to be one of those times. I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, I hope you and yours are safe and well after the storm. And despite our trials and tribulations, let’s all write on.

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