Amping Up

We all know that writing demands a lot of mental energy and emotional stamina. Anything we can do to keep ourselves energized and stave off fatigue can help increase our creativity and productivity. Here are a few simple ideas gathered from Woman’s World, a great source of natural, energy-boosting tips:

Jumpstart your java: Sprinkling a little nutmeg in your coffee can help get your workday off to a great start by giving a quick pick-me-up to your alertness, ability to concentrate, and feeling of wellbeing. The source? Unique phytonutrients in nutmeg increase energizing brain chemicals and enhance mental sharpness. This smells and tastes great!

Snack smart: If you feel your energy starting to dip during the mid morning or mid afternoon, instead of grabbing a candy bar, opt for a protein-rich snack like a hard-boiled egg or hummus. British scientists have found that the amino acids in protein stimulate brain cells, making you more alert. The result? A bigger, longer-lasting energy boost than something sweet.

Brainstorming breaks: If you find during a work session that your mental energy seems to be flagging, instead of taking a break try thinking more instead of less. Researchers at Princeton have found that if you’re feeling tired you can rev up your mental energy by taking a few minutes to brainstorm an idea. What works? It can be anything from outlining a new project to pondering what to have for dinner. Brainstorming gives you a second wind by triggering the flow of excitement-inducing brain chemicals.

Soak up some sun: If you find your energy draining away at in the late afternoon, the best antidote for may be the simplest: Catch some rays for about 10 minutes. Sunlight defeats drowsiness by countering the effects of sleep-inducing chemicals that build up in your body as the day progresses. The positive impact on your alertness can be nearly the same as that of taking a nap.

Hope these tips are helpful. If you have any energy-boosting advice, please share it. And write on.

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