Literary Lights

“I know the first line and the last line. I know nothing about what’s in between. I like the mystery of it.”
Amy Hempel

“I don’t want to know too much, but I have to find the characters I can love and need to find the instability of them.”
Jonathan Franzen

A literary night out is always a pleasure — and a shot of adrenalin. Listening to other writers read and talk about their work, and gleaning bits of flotsam and jetsam about their process, can be so enlightening. Not only does it remind me that writing has its rewards, It also reminds me that writing is a mysterious adventure. That’s why it was so much fun to hear Amy and Jonathan speak.

Here’s one takeaway: Everyone seems to have a different process, but we all share one thing in common: when we put fingers to keys or pen to paper, we are all taking a journey into the unknown. We are leaping into the darkness with the hope of finding light — of discovering what matters to us and why through our words.

Feeling that you are part of a community of kindred spirits who labor in the same vineyard can be so uplifting. That’s why going to dinner with my writing group after this evening’s Event was even more fun than the reading itself. It was made all the more fun because Alex came along and met all of my writing buddies who’ve been giving me so much wonderful feedback and support for my YA novel. He’s heard about my group for a few years and it was Great to have him take part in our literary jaunt. There were lots of laughs and witty repartee — all in all a joyful evening. Write on.

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