Child’s Play

“One should never creep when one feels the impulse to soar.”
Helen Keller

Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that we forget that the best work often comes when we’re playful. Curiosity, playfulness, fun, and slowing down can help us recharge and renew our creative juices. Jennifer Lee, an author and artist and creator of the online site, Artizen Coaching, offers some helpful tips on “Awakening Your Inner Muse,”

Shake things up: If you’re feeling stuck, try breaking out of your routine and doing something you usually do. Pick up a magazine or book on a topic that’s new to you.
Take a different route home or have lunch at someplace new. Sit in a coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know. Think different!

Doodle without judging: Forget about drawing talent, just let your pen flit across the page and see what comes up. Try doing this for five minutes for a week and see what pops out at you. Use different colors and play with them — and leave your censor at home!

Discover found art: We live surrounded by all kinds of beauty, but often we’re too preoccupied to notice it. So, as Jennifer puts it, “Let your Inner Muse look around and see what strikes her fancy. Tear out an intriguing picture from a magazine, pick up a fallen leaf or flower petal or arrange some interesting rocks on a windowsill. Find a meaningful symbol or structure to remind you of an intention or special feeling. Place your sacred object where you can see it every day this week and see what it inspires in you.”

Be prepared for inspiration: Always carry a pocket-sized journal and pen with you on your rambles or errands. Jot down a funny conversation you hear in the park. Write a
quick haiku while you’re while you’re on a bus or waiting on line. Sketch a tree.

Hang out with kids: What better way to reignite your sense of wonder than to spend time with kids? Go to a park and watch them play — or better yet, join in! Remember how much fun it was to build a fort with blankets and pillows? To hold a tea party with
your teddy bears? Find ways to tap into this part of yourself.

Take a mini-vacation: When you want to feel calm and centered, Jennifer suggests taking “some nice, long deep breaths to reconnect with your Inner Muse. She likes getting lots of oxygen! Inhale smoothly through your nose and gently hold your breath for a few seconds, tucking your chin slightly. Then exhale through your nose, allowing every drop of air to exit your lungs. Hold your breath for a few seconds, tucking your chin slightly.Repeat this sequence three to five more times until you feel your mind in a calm, yet fully alive state.” For good measure, you can say, “I inhale peace and joy. I exhale tension and stress.” And write on!

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