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‘Take a Moment to Replenish with the Written Word’

“As we head into the upcoming, very busy holiday season, as booksellers we like to remind ourselves why we first stepped into a bookstore. We are lovers of stories. We are sharers of tales. We finish a good book and we are pressing it into the hands of a like-minded friend. The more we read, the more we discover new favorites to pass on to family to begin a new conversation with them. The shelves are brimming with opportunities to rekindle a spark, to refresh a tired spirit or to reconfigure a new phase in life. With all of the bustling, take a moment to replenish with the written word.

“We look forward to making recommendations and helping you find just the right book to give this holiday season.”
Books & Company, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

When the holidays roll around, one of my favorite things to do is to wander through bookstores searching for gifts that I think those on my list might enjoy. Book buying gives me the chance to browse through books I’ve heard or read about but haven’t had a chance to actually pick up and there’s nothing like checking out the opening pages of a couple of best sellers to get my creative juices flowing.

When I think back to the many books I’ve received over the years as gifts, I feel immensely blessed and grateful. Many of them, especially those given to me when I was a kid, helped spark my love of writing and the written word. I still get a thrill when I see a rectangular package waiting for me that’s gaily wrapped and looks like it’s just the size of that book I was longing to read but hadn’t treated myself to. What a delight!

Now is the time to think about giving a lift to those special independent bookstores that so many of us cherish. They depend on us just as we depend on them to give a home to our books and to enrich us with authors’ readings and special events. So as you ponder what gives to give the kids in your life and the young at heart, why not look for that perfect book for them? I have one in my for my brother Peter that I can’t wait to send out to Minneapolis, along with some hot chocolate and cookies. So get thee to a bookstore — and write on!

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