Miracle Man

“Once you have your mind, you can put things back together again.” Morris E. Goodman

“I am determined to make The Miracle Man become one of the most inspiring and uplifting films of all time.” Brian Jude

Every once in a while I come across an real-life story that boosts my faith in the power of passion and dreams. Just recently, through my good friend and mentor Rob Gilbert (Success Hotline, 973.743.4690), I learned about Brian Jude, a producer, screenwriter, and actor who has written a screen play for a dramatic feature film about Morris Goodman, a super-successful salesman who crashed while flying his new plane, crushing his spine and leaving him unable to move any part of his body except his eyes.

Doctors believed that he was doomed to die, but Morris thought otherwise — and using motivational techniques he’d learned, in less than eight months, this Morris walked out of the hospital and back into life. Today, he is the author of a book called Miracle Man and a motivational speaker who’s inspired thousands of people with his story.

One of them is Brian Jude. When he saw a film clip of Morris, Brian was astonished to learn that no one had ever produced a full-length film telling of this incredible story of resilience and recovery. After meeting with Morris, interviewing him, and reading his book Brian crafted a film script that’s attracted the support of a small team of talented members of the film industry. With the enthusiastic encouragement of his wife and son, Brian recently held a script reading and kickoff dinner for a crowdfunding site he’s just launched at IndieGoGo.com to help generate funds to launch The Miracle Man film’s production.

Listening to Brian express his passion and hearing his script, I feel sure that this gifted storyteller will find a way to bring his work to fruition — and what a gift to the universe it will be! To learn more, check out MiracleManFilm.com. Bravo, Brian — write on!

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